Part VI: Education

The following is a short story written by Gary Cattell in 2003 depicting a pessimistic, but very possible vision of America’s future where freedom of speech has been abolished and Christianity is illegal.

Kids were educated from a young age to believe that one of the greatest evils was to tell someone else their beliefs were wrong.

All references to God were removed from textbooks, so kids began to believe that God was not active in history. When religion was mentioned, it was usually in a negative light. The only exception was for those religions or religious figures who promoted unity as their highest ideal. The history books were written from the perspective that all wars and violence were the result of the divisiveness of religion.

All homeschooler’s had to have their curriculum approved by the state. Private schools were monitored to make sure they were not being subversive. Kids were taught to be on the lookout for dissenters and subversives and to tell local officials when they found any.

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