Part V: Psychologists and Sociologists

The following is a short story written by Gary Cattell in 2003 depicting a pessimistic, but very possible vision of America’s future where freedom of speech has been abolished and Christianity is illegal.

The psychologists continually published studies designed to show the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of living in an environment that is free of contention. They said the brain is hardwired to desire peace and unity, and any other activity was akin to mental illness. As a result, Psychologists claimed it was child abuse to raise kids in a conservative Christian home.

They claimed that we were not evolving with the rest of mankind. We had to be removed from society so that we would not delay the evolution of others. We would often be sent to mental institutions because they said it was more compassionate, considering our illness, than prison. They told us we could get help there. This usually amounted to medication and re-education.

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