Part VII: What We Should Have Done

The following is a short story written by Gary Cattell in 2003 depicting a pessimistic, but very possible vision of America’s future where freedom of speech has been abolished and Christianity is illegal.

Right from the beginning we should have stood our ground. We should have drawn a line in the sand and said, “This far and no farther.” We are under absolutely no compulsion to obey unjust laws. In fact, we have a duty to resist them.

When they told us to take down the 10 Commandments we should have left them up. When they told us that we could not pray we should have prayed anyway. When they told us we could not speak we should have spoken even louder. We should have been willing to be fined, jailed, or even killed. In other words we should have been willing to sacrifice ourselves.

We should have rejected the American Dream, forgot about being liked, and become radicalized. We should have fasted, prayed, and become strong. Jesus was not effeminate and weak, and we should not have been either.

It is because we didn’t do any of these things that we find ourselves in the position we are today. Maybe God will allow us to redeem our foolishness and die like men. We have been lazy and cowardly, but maybe we can die like men. May God have mercy on us, and may he and history show that in the end we did what was right.

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