In an article entitled, SC Schools Still Face Controversy Over Christian Rapper’s Performance, The Christian Post reported:

Public schools in South Carolina are being met with criticism again after allowing Christian-themed rallies to take place on school grounds.

Last month, a Christian rapper known as B-SHOC performed at a daytime rally at New Heights Middle School in Chesterfield County alongside youth evangelist Christian Chapman, resulting in much controversy.

The rapper identified as Bryan Edmonds had posted a YouTube video about the event held for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and commented that 324 students had gotten saved.


Overlooking the free speech issues on this one; does anyone really believe that 324 students got “saved”? This is a particular problem with many (but certainly not all) Protestant evangelists. They give an emotional performance of some type, whether preaching, singing or both, and then in the midst of all of the emotion they ask for either a show of hands, or people to come down to the altar to be “saved”. Many respond out of emotion, and the evangelist/singer can now boast that hundreds got “saved”.

The problem is when the emotions die down. The Christian life is a tough one. It involves many battles, and one must go through much suffering in order to enter into the Kingdom of God. Most of those who raise their hands, or make their way down to the altar, never even begin that walk much less complete it, but since someone declared them to be saved they believe that all is right with their soul. Who knows how many people end up in Hell because of possibly well meaning, but ultimately self serving and deceptive evangelists.

No-one is saved by raising their hand or walking down to the altar. They may or may not begin their salvation at that point, but they are not finally and ultimately saved until they walk the walk, go into eternity, and hear the Lord say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”. Leading anyone to believe differently is a deception that may cost them their soul.