For Orthodox and Inquirers

The following links may be of interest to Orthodox Christians, inquirers to Orthodoxy, apologists, and evangelists interested in defending or learning more about the ancient, apostolic Faith founded by Jesus Christ.

The Church Fathers Speak
Using quotes from notable theologians writing in the first few centuries A.D., explore what the Orthodox Church has always believed on a wide range of topics from abortion to free will.

Defend Your Faith
Here you will find the outline I use when I teach others to defend their faith. Much of this is taken from the Willard Preacher’s book, The Christian and the University, available for purchase in 2012.

The Preacher’s Notebook
This online notebook has many useful Scriptural references that the Willard Preacher has accumulated over the years that answer many common questions and challenges. 

Regarding Persecution
There is an anti-Christian movement to force all expressions of Christianity out of the public square and to co-opt its morals and values. If this has happened to you, this page may help.

Reading List
Peruse a list of books that many have found to be beneficial to rightly understanding the Christian Faith.