1. Abortion has always been about sex without consequences:

A. Women’s rights was a smokescreen.

B. Feminists in the 1970s wanted everything that men had. Men could walk away from sex with no consequences, and women wanted to be able to do the same.

2. Feminists say that a woman has the right to do whatever she wishes with her own body:

A. It is against the law to do drugs, be a prostitute, and commit suicide. These are all done voluntarily with the body and yet are still illegal.

B. The baby is not her body. This can be shown by the difference between the DNA of the mother and the child.

3. Abortion has a connection with slavery and the holocaust:

A. All three use/used a dehumanizing philosophy to justify their actions.

B. The Nazi’s said that the Jews had not evolved as far as the Arians. They were holding back the Arian’s evolution and so had to be eliminated.

C. America claimed that the Africans were more akin to animals than they were to humans. So they could be bought and sold, whipped, and worked in the fields as animals.

D. The abortionists see the fetus as something that is only potentially human, and so can be aborted without killing a human being.

4. Those who are pro choice say that the fetus is not human from the beginning but becomes so at a later point:

A. What they are actually saying is that a human being must develop to a certain point before they will consider him to be human and give him the basic protection of life. This is arbitrary and evil in my opinion.

B. It is the very essence of genocidal thinking.

C. From conception the baby has all of the genetic material that makes up a human being.

D. Nothing enters into the fertilized egg after conception to make it any more human than it is at that point. All it does is grow and develop.

5. The answer to the question of when life begins is contained in the question:

A. As with everything else life begins at the beginning.

B. It cannot begin three months into the growth process.

C. Just as it would be foolish to say that a nine-mile race begins three miles into it, or even three seconds into it, it is equally as foolish to say that life begins at any moment other than conception.

6. There has never been a time when a government has declared some portion of its population to be less human than the rest that history has proved them to be right:

A. History is on the side of the pro-lifers.

7. Some women will tell men that they have no right to speak on the abortion issue because they are not women and can’t get pregnant:

A. This is hypocritical because men cannot be vaginally raped, and yet feminists still want men to speak out against rape.

B. Even though men cannot get pregnant they are former fetuses, and as a former fetus they can stand up and speak out for all of their brothers and sisters who are still in the womb.