Homosexual Marriage and Adoption

1. The family was meant to be a loving father and mother with children, and we should always seek to get as close to that ideal as possible:

A. Children need a father and a mother so they can have their sex modeled to them, and learn how to relate to the opposite sex.

B. There are heterosexual couples that cannot have kids and/or get divorced. This is a break down of the created order and not the way it is supposed to be.

C. There are also married couples that choose not to have kids.

D. Most do so for selfish reasons, which is also a breakdown in the created order.

E. Some have valid reasons, but they are still due to the fall, and so can be considered a breakdown of the created order.

F. If any of the above circumstances were to change they could then have children.

G. Homosexuality is not a breakdown of the created order; it is a rejection of it. It is a denial of life and love, and can only be fixed if they repent of their homosexuality.

H. Since the “love” homosexual’s exhibit is not consistent with God’s love, it is a perversion. God always defines what is right.

2. Homosexual’s claim that putting children in a loving homosexual family is better than putting them into a foster home with bad parents:

A. The foster care system may be broken to a degree, but the answer is not to radically alter the family in a way that is a denial of everything a family should be.

B. The answer would be to either fix the foster care system, or to come up with a better system, but in any case due to the factors listed above the family must remain heterosexual.