1. The homosexual activists have tried to piggyback the civil rights movement:

A. The difference is that skin color can’t be judged but actions can.

B. Skin color doesn’t say anything about the person or his character.

C. Sexual actions can be judged as either right or wrong.

2. Homosexuals name call in order to intimidate us into silence:

A. We are called homophobic, narrow minded, haters, bigots etc.

B. It is the accepted prejudice and stereotyping of our day.

C. They assume motives on our part with out ever knowing us.

D. If we are all of these things then so is Christianity.

E. If the homosexuals win, eventually Christianity will be seen as a hateful religion.

3. Homosexuality does not fulfill the reasons for sex:

A. The two reasons for sex are the creation of life and oneness.

B. Pleasure is not a reason but a motivator and effect.

C. Homosexuals cannot create life.

D. The other reason for sex, to become one with your mate, is so the family has the best chance to survive.

4. Homosexuality does not fulfill the created biological order:

A. Women have a vagina where the male penis has been created to go.

B. There is no such place on the male body.

C. The penis is meant to go into the vagina and women don’t have one.

D. Sixth grade biology should tell us who is to be having sex with whom.

5. Homosexuality does not fulfill the oneness aspect of sex:

A. Since there are basic differences between men and women they can come together to form a whole.

B. For instance men tend to think in a linear fashion (A, B, C, D, conclusion) and women tend to think relationally.

C. Two men or two women cannot bring the complimentary aspects of the other sex into the relationship.

D. Even if they could, since they cannot be a family in the sense God intended, they cannot fulfill his purpose for the oneness that he has created.

5. Homosexuals claim to be born homosexual:

A. Does being born with certain predispositions necessarily justify the behavior?

B. First of all there is no biological or genetic evidence for their claim, but even if there were it would make no difference.

C. Alcoholics claim to be born alcoholics, but they do not therefore claim their alcoholism to be good.

D. So being born a certain way does not necessarily mean the corresponding action is good.

6. They also claim that their love for one another justifies their sex:

A. The question then becomes does love necessarily justify sex?

B. If a 70-year-old mother were having sex with her 40-year-old son and justifying it by saying they were in love would we accept it?

C. The answer of course is no. So simply being in love is also not enough to justify sex.

D. The homosexual’s two best, and really only, arguments to justify their behavior fall woefully short.

E. Only if we were perfect beings could we simply look at our desires and justify all behaviors that proceed from them.