The Culture War

1. Modern day liberalism is an anti-Christian movement:

A. Abortion, homosexuality, fornication, drunkenness, all religions are the same, radical feminism and environmentalism, evolution etc. are all anti-Christian in nature and all championed by the left.

B. We have lost every battle over these issues.

C. This means that up to this point we have lost every battle of the culture war.

2. When we were a Christian country we had inherent boundaries given by God, but with secularism there are no inherent boundaries:

A. Since, in secularism there is no God, the arbitrary will of the majority rules.

B. We can therefore become a very holy nation or a very Hitler like nation depending on what the majority wants.

3. There is no objective morality without God:

A. It becomes merely subjective human opinion.

B. If we evolved from a big bang, no one has any authority to tell anyone else that they are wrong.

C. We are all simply humans with personal opinions.

D. Secularism is not about absolute right and wrong, but who has the power.

E. On the other hand God can give us commandments, and they hold true for everyone despite personal beliefs to the contrary.

F. This is because He is the Creator, perfectly good, omniscient, perfect love etc.

G. This is a very important difference between Christianity and secularism.

4. Once homosexual marriages are the way of the land the culture war is lost:

A. The family is the basic building block of society.

B. Once the family is lost the culture is lost.

C. Unfortunately for the homosexuals the same cultural relativism that may allow them to get married in this generation could also get them executed in another.

5. Once homosexual marriages prevail and/or if we lose the culture war I believe Christians will begin to be persecuted:

A. The left will know they have won, but they will still fear us.

B. This fear I believe will be turned into persecution.