Heresies – Lineage of Anabaptists

Couldn’t be re-admitted to communion after committing gross sin.

Refused forgiveness of sins committed after baptism. Women were allowed to be priests and bishops. Montanus claimed new revelations from the Holy Spirit.

Validity of sacrament depended on holiness of priest.

There was a good God who created the world to come, and an evil God who created this world. Jesus, the son of the good God, could not have been the son of Mary, and the incarnation was an illusion. Redemption in the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament were rejected. They also rejected the sacraments of baptism, Eucharist, and marriage.

They denied the validity of the sacraments administered by unworthy clerics.

There were two Gods who had charge over the world. The Good God who was Christ and an evil God. They believed the flesh was evil so Jesus did not suffer in the flesh. He was an angel with a phantom body so his sufferings were allegorical. They abstained from eating meat and getting married.

Arnold of Brescia
Believers should own nothing, and the sinfulness of the priest destroys the value of the sacraments.

They refused to receive sacraments from corrupt clergy.