Holy Things

Ex. 26:33-34 – Holy place and most holy place.

Ex. 28:2-3 – Holy garments consecrated Aaron.

Ex. 29:19-21 – Sprinkle blood and water on Aaron and he shall be hallowed.

Ex. 29:32-33 – Aaron shall eat of the sacrifice to sanctify him.

Ex. 29:37 – The altar is holy and anything that touches it is holy.

Ex. 30:19-21 – Priests wash with water before they enter the tabernacle so they won’t die.

Ex. 30:22-33 – Holy oil makes other things holy.

Ex. 29:34 – If any flesh remains until morning it must be burned because it is holy.

Ex. 28:38 – Holy things and holy gifts.

Ex. 29:6 – Holy crown.

Ex. 30:34-38 – Holy perfume.

Ex. 31:12-17 – The Sabbath Day is holy.

Ex. 40:9-11 – Anoint the tabernacle with oil, and it shall be holy.

Lev. 5:15 – Sin against holy things.

Lev. 6:24-30 – The sin offering and anyone who touches it is holy.

Lev. 10:17-18 – The priest eats the sin offering in the holy place.

2 Kings 13:20-21 – The bones of Elisha healed a man.