Ex. 30:7-8 – Incense will burn throughout the generations.

Num. 16:41-50 – Aaron took incense and made atonement for the people.

Mal. 1:11 – Incense shall be offered unto God among the Gentiles.

Lk. 1:8-12 – Zacharias was burning incense to the Lord when the angel came to announce the birth of John the Baptist.

Rev. 8:3-4 – Angel is offering incense with the prayers of the saints.

Ex. 40:24-27 – The Jews burned incense in the Tabernacle.

Lev. 16:12-13 – Aaron censes mercy seat.

1 Kings 9:25 – Solomon burnt incense upon the altar.

Matt. 2:11 – Frankincense offered to Jesus.