I was recently contacted and asked to write something about pornography. Below is my attempt.

Pornography is a misuse of the sex drive which is supposed to be used to have sex with one’s spouse. When we watch porn we not only excite our lusts, but we also objectify and degrade women. Instead of sex being a way to become intimate with our mate, it makes women into a tool through which we obtain pleasure.

In addition, we will seek to do with our mate the same sort of things which we see on the screen, and since what we see on screen is just a way to obtain pleasure, it is not attractive to our mate. She gets upset which in turn upsets us which in turn hurts our sex life. Also, sex with a real person can never measure up to sex in our fantasies, so our sex life with our mate will tend to be a disappointment.

Pornography may seem like harmless fun, but it is a destroyer of sex lives, relationships, women, and men.